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We love performing to the public and try to perform at as many events as we can. We are open to performing at all kinds of events whether they are private, corporate, charity or otherwise. It is really helpful when you send your initial enquiry if you can give us as much detail about your event and what you would like from our performance, such as:

  • Date
  • Location
  • Times you would like us to perform and for how long
  • Type of event e.g wedding, fete, charity event, fun day

At a typical event we will generally perform 1 or 2 sets at 30 – 45 mins each. When performing more than one set we try to limit the wait time to no more than 2 hours where possible. We are flexible though and are happy to work with you to fit us into your event.

Samboomba is made up of people from all walks of life, most of whom have regular day jobs. We try to have as big a band as possible to perform at events, so each enquiry is put to the band to check their individual availability in relation to work and personal commitments. It is more difficult for us to perform at daytime events during the week than it is for an evening or weekend event.
We also generally only perform at one event per day so it is always worth checking our gigs page for current commitments.

Each event is priced individually. Pricing is based on a number of factors such as:

  • how many sets you want us to perform
  • how long you want each set to be
  • how long we need to wait between sets
  • how far from Ipswich the event is
  • type of event
    However, we are priced competitively compared to other bands in the region.

What do we need to perform
We have some large and heavy instruments so we need some parking nearby for these players, if not the whole band. As a minimum we need to have a drop off point near the performance area for the heavier instruments.
We can have over 30 players at some events so we need enough space in order to give our best performance.

Booking process overview

  1. Initial Enquiry
  2. Gig coordinator will make contact with you to discuss your event further and to agree a price.
  3. Gig coordinator will put your event to the band to check individual availability, this can take 2 weeks, if not more sometimes, as the band only meets once a week on a Tuesday.
  4. Gig coordinator will confirm our availability with you and arrange paperwork and deposit.
  5. An event is only considered booked once all paperwork and deposit has been received.